5 Day Trekking in Chiang Mai (Only Private tour)

If you have unlimited time for trekking and wish to see some more deep of the jungle with out any tourism here are what we page for you. The trekking will start from ChiangMai to north border of Thailand call’ Maung Kong” city then trek trough jungle to big cave , Lahu, Lisu and Karen hill tribe village,  and full day of bamboo rafting. Also can see and enjoy with elephant, waterfall and hot spring too.

Itinerary tour



09.00 am. We will come directly to your accommodations to pick you up for our jungle trekking adventure then drive a three hour north of Chiang Mai to the border of Thailand in Maung Kong city and have a lunch break.

02.00 pm. After lunch, we will walk through the the big cave and see the bats in the cave.

05.00 pm. Continue drive an hour to Lahu hill tribe village and check-in for overnight stay with one of a family. Evening, we can walk around the village to see they’re way of living in the mountain’s word. (Overnight: Basic home stay with Lahu hill tribe)

06.oo pm. Enjoy a small cooking class with the guide will cook together for you the best food you never have  before, time for interacting and have a good night sleep”


07.00 am. Wake up and enjoy breakfast

08.00 am. Depart from the village, by bamboo rafting with gentle river to Karen village about 6-8 hours.

05.00 pm. Arrive at Bann Phakowlham, the Karen hill tribe village, check-in to stay overnight with one of the most exotic family. There is running water for bath. Enjoy visit the exotic life-style around the village.

07.00 pm. Enjoy dinner of Thai food and presentation of some local food. Tea talk, magic gam and have a good sleep.


07.30 am. Wake up and enjoy breakfast.

09.00 am. After enjoying our breakfast, we will begin an – hour trek toward the elephant camp.

12.00 pm. We will arrive in the elephant camp, and you will have the opportunity to feed, bathe and play with the elephants. We will also enjoy our lunch in the camp. (No elephant ridding)

02.30 pm. We’ll enjoy our trek again from elephant camp to another Karen village.

04.00 pm. check-in to spend overnight with one of the Karen family and relaxing in the village.

05.00 pm. Enjoy dinner of Thai food and presentation of some local food with Laren family and entertain camp fire time.

 DAY 4

08.00 am. Wake up and enjoy breakfast serving by guide.

09.30 am. Enjoy trekking along the scenic trail from the Karen hill tribe village toward the another Karen hill tribe village approximately 6 hours.

12.30 pm. By the way we will stop and have lunch by deep jungle.

04.30pm. Upon arrival, we’ll enjoy dinner with Karen friends, family and spend the night in the village!

 Day 5

07.00 am. Wake up and enjoy breakfast by the fire.

08.30 am. After packed up, enjoying nature adventure trekking again a four hour by following up to  Pong Dueat hot spring. (The spring’s geysers themselves are in the middle of a forested area)

01.00 pm. We will have lunch and enjoy a relaxing time, soaking in the pure, natural mineral waters.

02.00 pm. The pickup car will pick up us and back to Mokfa waterfall. We will enjoy to some sunbathing and swimming. An adventure nature trekking come to the end.

04.00 pm. Then we continue by pickup car toward Chiang Mai. 1.30 hours of driving.

05.30 pm. Upon arrival into Chiang Mai, transfer to accommodation as conveniences. Trip end.

Trip includes:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Waterfall
  • Hot spring
  • Elephant
  • bigcave
  • Bamboo rafting
  • 13 meals on trek
  • Insurance accident
  • National park entrants
  • Visit Karen and Lahu village

Tour Not included

  • Soft drinks (coke, sprite )
  • Alcoholic drinks (available to purchase)
  • water, you can buy more in the jungle village

What should you bring for trip?

  • Backpack
  • —Short pants
  • Long pants
  • Pullover
  • T – Shirt
  • Towel
  • Swimming suit
  • Shoes
  • —Raincoat (Rain season Jun – October)
  • —Hat ( Summer December – May)
  • —Flash light
  • Toiletries paper
  • Insect spray
  • Sun cream
  • Personal medicine
  • Soap, shampoo, toothbrush

Supplies Needed Section

We provide a secure storeroom for you to leave any extra luggage you have that you will not be bringing with you on our 3 day trek. (Free of charge, of course!)


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