My name is Kalu, I was born in a small Lahu hill tribe village north of Chiang Mai. I have a big family, many of whom have been involved in the trekking tourism industry for more than 30 years. I graduated from University in Bangkok with a major of tourism.

I’m very proud of taking people way off the beaten track, to the most beautiful places in Chiang Mai, offer you the real experience of the jungle hill tribes, including taking you to my very own home village, and share the experience of their culture, language, food, and hospitality with you!

I have been 15 years of experienced jungle guide who will be taking you through my own backyard, literally!

I will guide and take you through the dense jungle rainforest, up to a mountain viewpoint to see the jungle and landscape from a bird’s eye view, and most of all, I hope to provide you with a unforgettable life experience and treasured memory of life in the jungle, and build a friendship with my own family and friends that you will keep forever.

2 Day 1 Night Trekking

With two days one night trekking, you’ll have the life experience to walk through the lush jungle and enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain, stay overnight with the one family of Karen hill tribes people in the valley of the mountain village. Including, to enjoy waterfall, hot spring, visit Karen and Lahu hill tribe’s […]

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2 Day 1 Night Only Walk Trekking

This awesome trekking trip we design who looking for only walking in the jungle, beautiful of nature views and some of wildlife relaxing. This is a unique chance to explore Thailand that you won’t forget in a Thailand visiting! We walking through the dense jungle and the real nature of the bamboo forest to evergreen forest to […]

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3 Day 2 Night Trekking

Over the course of three days and two nights trekking, our program will take you from Chiang Mai into the national park and dense rain forest mountain, where we will visit numerous beautiful landscapes and landmarks! To begin, we will visit the majestic MokFa waterfall and mineral hot spring to swim, spend the night and […]

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